Who does not want to - escape everyday life. Far away from the daily business into the incredibly beautiful nature that exists only on the postcard at home. But Endurowandern and Endurofahren on gravel roads and slopes allow small escapes that make life so incredibly alive. Combined with a dose of adventure on our travels, the off-road tour becomes a unique experience.

With his nickname "male lobo" (bad wolf), Tomm Wolf not only gave the company the name, but lives the idea. And since he drives his motorcycle. As a former chief instructor at Enduro Park Hechlingen, as a coach of the International Instructor Academy and as "Mr. GS" at the GS Trophy, Tomm Wolf and his team want to pass on what is so fascinating about off-road riding with big bikes. Experiencing the most beautiful landscapes in the world by motorbike.



For all our travel offers and trainings in Aras de los Olmos, you will find our all-inclusive package. So you can concentrate completely on the most important task during your training or your journey: riding a motorcycle. You organize only the journey to the respective destination airport, we take care of everything else. Together with the passion of the whole team, we offer you an unforgettable offroad experience and lots of driving fun.

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