My nickname "Malelobo" (the bad wolf) gives my little company the name. Practically all tours are worked out and accompanied by me. My experience as a former head trainer in Enduropark Hechlingen and trainer of the "International Instructor Academy" is available to you during the preparation and implementation of the offers.


I share with Tomm the passion of the offroad and support him, where possible. With me all the threads come together and I keep all projects at a glance. Of course, I do not mind taking part in one or the other training or tour personally.


Since 1991 I ride motorbikes and this from the beginning with great enthusiasm in the area. About the Alto Turia Rally 2003 I got to know the Enduropark Aras de lo Olmos and immediately booked a HP2 special training with Tomm. As a participant of the GS Trophy Canada 2014 I laid the foundation for my instructor training in 2015 and the cooperation with the Malelobo GmbH.


Through various Malelobo trainings and participation in various enduro events, such as the Erzberg or the Krka Enduro Raid, I have developed my passion for enduro riding. This was crowned with the participation in the international GS Trophy 2014 in Canada. Today I am very happy to be able to actively support the team of Malelobo as BMW Motorrad Instructor (IIA) and BWM Motorcycle Tourguide (ITA) and to be able to professionally practice my over 15-year passion for enduro riding.


I've been riding motorcycles since 2007 and have qualified for the international BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2014 in Canada following various off-road experiences. There I met Tomm Wolf with his love and his enthusiasm for our hobby. Since 2015 I am a BMW Motorrad Instructor (IIA) and I am looking forward to being part of the Malelobo Team.

I would like to be able to infect many more motorcyclists with the off-road virus.


I've been riding a motorcycle since I was 18 years old and have been searching for adventure next to tarred roads ever since. During several trainings and events I got to know Tomm Wolf.

I am delighted to be part of the Malelobo team as a trained off-road instructor for BMW Motorrad (IIA). Trainings and events are the ideal platform to pass on the enthusiasm for off-road driving and the brand.


During a trip to Morocco, I had the opportunity to make the first detour into the area with a friend. Coronation: Over the sandy beach Plage Blanche in Southern Morocco. It was surreal. And infectious.

It was followed by trainings in Hechlingen, various Enduro meetings, GS Trophy Qualifier Germany and finally my heart's desire: Aras de los Olmos the bad wolf, Mr. GS!
Then the decisive step Training as an off-road instructor.

I am delighted to be part of the Malelobo family and to experience all these fantastic things.


Motorbikes are my passion. Since I´m very young I ride all the off-road type of motorbikes, such as trial, motocross, enduro, raids in both national and international events.

In 2000, together with my brother Antonio, we built the Aras Rural tourist complex and together with it, the Enduropark Aras de los Olmos (Valencia-Spain) and its facilities, the current headquarters of Malelobo in Spain.

My friendship with Tomm Wolf goes back many years ago, sharing the same enduro / trail enthusiasm. I am BMW Motorrad Instructor (llA) since 2005 and I am very pleased to be part of your fantastic team.


My passion for motorcycles comes from genetic heritage in my blood.

I started doing motocross at 7 years old. I have learned and improved in Enduro and Motocross schools of the best Spanish riders. Since I was little I grew up with my father traveling and doing off road trips all over the world.

I met Tomm of fantastic adventures narrated by my father. I had the privilege of know him personally at the BMW Enduro Park in Aras de los Olmos.

He and my father were the ones who encouraged me to enter into the BMW Motorrad world I was one of the 10 participants in the GS Trophy test to be part of the first female team in South Africa.

I am BMW Motorrad Instructor (llA) since 2017 and I feel privileged to be the youngest member and the only girl of this incredible human and proffesional team.


I have my motorcycle license since 2014 and through enduro training and traveling with Malelobo, I met Steph and Tomm.
Since the opening of the Enduroparks Geisingen I belong with the team and take care of your training bookings, requests and requests - both by Email as well as by phone.

Just contact me!


I'm riding motorcycles since 1981. After the first few years on various motorcycles of the BMW brand, I merged in the 90s to Japanese racing hulls as amateur driver on racetracks in Europe. Meanwhile, a bit older and calmer, I'm cruising now with my bike across the landscape and taking care of the Malelobo BMW fleet at the offroad terrain park "UltraTerrain" Geisingen.


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